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Final Program

Mondday, June 14 | Tuesday, June 15 | Wednesday June 16Thursday, June 17 | Friday June 18

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Monday, June 14

1A | Computational Methods 1

Hybridized Flux Reconstruction Schemes for Convection Problems | Carlos Pereira

Frequency domain method in CFD : from linear to nonlinear dynamics | Frédéric Plante

High-Order Spectral Element Method Simulation of Low Reynolds Number Flow Past a 30P30N High Lift Configuration | Mayank Vadsola

Implementation of communication hiding parallel Scaled-Additive Multigrid for Implicit Solvers | Syam Vangara

1B | Hybrid Electric Aircraft 1

Development of a Hybrid-Electric Aircraft Simulation Tool for Safety Analyses | Patrick Zdunich

A study of aircraft classification approaches for the certification of Unmanned Aircraft Systems | Nicolas Vincent-Boulay

Development of the NRC Hybrid Electric Aircraft Testbed (HEAT) | Alexander Crain

Performance and Qualification Testing of an Electric Propulsion System Evan Gibney | Pervez Canteenwalla

1C | Hybrid Electric Aircraft - Drones

Performance Prediction Analysis for Aero-Naut CAM Folding Propellers and its Application into CREATeV Solar Aircraft | Hyunwoo Kim

Comparison of Sizing Methodologies for High-Reliability Multicopters | Robin Warren

Evaluation of Drone Safety and Reliability | Edwina Arthur

CREATeV: An evaluation of the solar charging optimization for ultra-long ensdurance flight | Korbin Mallette

1D | Additive Manufacturing 1

In-Envelope Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing for a Maraging Steel | Sheida Sarafan

Additively-manufactured TPMS structures for transpiration cooling | Kevin Zhang

In-Situ Material Production: Multi-Material 3D Manufacturing by Pressing and Cooking Deposited Powders Layer-by-layer | Antoine Missout

Microstructure and mechanical properties of β-21S Ti alloy fabricated through laser powder bed fusion | Maria Macias-Sifuentes

2A | Optimization Methods 1

Dynamic Geometry Control for More Automated Aerodynamic Shape Optimization | Gregg Streuber

Full-Space Approach to Constrained Aerodynamic Shape Optimization | Doug Shi-Dong

Non-Stochastic Robust Design of Airfoils through the Imposition of Constraints on Second-Order Sensitivities | Almir Tricic

Aerodynamic Optimization of Unsteady Chaotic Flows | Hamidreza Karbasian

2B | Hybrid Electric Aircraft 2

Performance Analysis of a Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Powered General Aviation Aircraft | Germain Jaillier

Electrically Powered Flight-Safe Ceramic | Shuo Yan

Preliminary feasibility analysis on the use of hydrogen fuel cells for a hybrid-electric aircraft testbed | Evan Gibney

Mission profile performance analysis of an on-ground serial hybrid-electric drivetrain for aircraft propulsion | Madeline McQueen

2C | Envrionmentally-friendly Design

Prediction of Aero-Propulsive Performance using Adaptive Lookup Tables – Application on the Cessna Citation X Business Aircraft | Anca Stepan

Systems Radiation Consideration for Thermal Risk Assessment in Conceptual Design | Tanmay Bhise

Aerodynamic Design Optimization of a Transonic Strut-Braced-Wing Regional Jet Class Aircraft | Timothy Chau

Improvement of the regional jet CRJ700 winglet design based on morphing wing principles | Marine Segui

2D | Additive Manufacturing 2

Surface post-processing for additive manufactured parts: reducing surface roughness and improving fatigue life with electrospark deposition | Pablo Enrique

Effect of Infill Density on the Mechanical Properties of Additive Manufactured Parts Made from PLA | Hayat El Fazani

Tuesday, June 15

3A | Aeroelasticity

Viscous and Transonic Dynamic Aeroelastic Simulations of Wings Using Non-Linear Frequency Domain Potential Solvers | Matthieu Parenteau

A Model-Order Reduction Approach for Flutter Analysis | Brandon Lowe

Numerical Simulation on Gust Response of a 1-DOF Wing in Stall Flutter | Xiaoyang Zhang

3B | Unmanned Aerial Systems Design & Applications

Autonomous Strategic Defence: An Adaptive Clustering Approach to the n-Invader Capture Order Problem | Noah Zepp

Design Lessons from Concordia's 2020-20201 AERO490 Capstone on the design of an autonomous UAV for transplant organ transportation | Nicolae Rogojina

Low-speed computational aerodynamcis and design optimization of fuselage enlargements in support of autonomous cargo aircraft | Jeremy Wang

3C | Inlet Design

Automation Scheme Implementing Passive Flow Control in Numerical S-Duct Analysis | Courtney Rider

Performance Evaluation of Internal Flow in a Y-duct Intake at High Subsonic Mach Number | Asad Asghar

3D | Composites 1

Reliability Evaluation of Manual and Automated Tap Testing for Disbond Detection in Honeycomb Structures | Muzibur Khan

Effect of residual stress due to low-velocity impact damage on the in-plane compressive strength in aluminum honeycomb sandwich panels | Tony Badea

Structural Design Optimization for CFRP in a Personal Aerial Vehicle Propulsor Boom | Andrew Hardman

4A | Mesh Adaptation

A Dynamically Load-Balanced Vorticity-Based Polynomial Adaptation for Moving and Deforming Domains | Ramin Ghoreishi

Automatic Mesh Optimization of Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Methods for Hypersonic Flows | Shrutakeerti Mv

Industrial Scale Mesh Adaptation Based on a Point Cloud Size-Field | Siva Nadarajah

Dynamic Load Balancing for a hp-adaptive Discontinuous Galerkin Wave Equation Solver | Catherine Mavriplis

4B | Product Development & Operations

Using semantic modelling to provide insight into the aircraft modification product development process | Andrea Cartile

Far-Field Aero-Acoustic Prediction Using High-Order Implicit Large Eddy Simulation | Mohsen Hamedi

Turboprop Design Analysis in Regional Route Networks considering Carbon Pricing Economics | Stewart Reid

Single Event Upset Characterization of Microsemi RISC-V Softcores on Polarfire FPGAs | Devin Ramaswami

4C | Combustion

Computational frameworks for the prediction of radiative heat transfer in sooting turbulent diffusion flame with tabulated chemistry | Joachim Sarr

Eulerian-Based Maximum-Entropy Moment Closures for Modelling Polydisperse Liquid Fuel Sprays | Kevin Brooks

RANS-Based Two-Equation Model with Tabulated Chemistry for the Prediction of Soot Formation in Turbulent Non-Premixed Flames | Clinton Groth

Eulerian-Lagrangian CFD-microphysics modeling of Ground-Level Aircraft-Emitted Aerosol Formation Sébastien Cantin

4D | Materials & Manufacturing

Ultra-durable icephobic coatings for passive ice protection of leading edge surfaces | Naiheng Song

Bioinspired Strategies to Design Tough Ceramics | Hamidreza Yazdani Sarvestani

Fabrication of coatings with enhanced wear and impact resistance using a duplex approach | Vladimir Pankov

Machine Learning Algorithms in Accelerating the Design of Architectured Ceramic Materials | Erfan Fateh

WednesDAY, June 16

5A | Propulsion and Rotorcraft Aerodynamics

Progress towards rapid non-linear potential flow method for rotary-wing aerodynamics | Vincent Proulx-Cabana

Aerodynamic Shape Optimization of a Boundary Layer Ingesting S-Duct | Christopher Chiang

Actuator Line Method for Helicopter Rotors Computations in Various Flight Conditions | Reda Merabet

Simulating the Perturbation Effects Within an Under-expanded Supersonic Jet | Yang Gao

5B | Unmanned Aerial Systems: Flight Dynamics

Aerodynamic Effect in 3D Multi-UAV Cooperative Hunting | Shichen Fan

Neural Network-Based Robust Dynamic Soaring | Eric Kim

UAS-S4 Flight Dynamics Model Prediction based on Data Augmentation and Support Vector Regression | Seyed Mohammad Hashemi

Lontidudinal swing angle control for a fixes-qing UAV with a slung load | Sayedreza Fattahi Massoum

5C | Modeling & Testing

System Integration and Engine Test of a 22KN Oxidiser Rich Staged Combustion Rocket Engine | Sadben Khan

Development of a Low-bypass Turbofan Real Degraded-Engine Model | Juan Angulo Reyes

An accurate generic turbofan aero-thermodynamic model for design trade-off studies | Manuel Gurrola-Arrieta

General Electric CF34-8C5B1 turbofan parameter estimation: new approach using articifial neural networks and flight tests | Rojo Princy Andrianatara

5D | Experimental Characterization & Monitoring

Online monitoring of laser powder bed fusion based process on acoustic emission signatures and machine learning | Dalia Mahmoud

Experimental study of the hybridization effect on bolt-hole elongation of multi-bolted single-lap composite joints using DIC | Masoud Mehrabian

An instrumental shot peenning test rig for single and repeated controlled impact conditions | Simon Breumier

Deep learning for defect detection and characterization in composite laminates inspected by pulsed thermography | Mohammadhossein Ahmadi

6A | Fluid Dynamics & Modelling

Sideslip Effects on a Square Plate Under Freestream Turbulence | Stephanie Hartlin

A correlation based algebraic transition model for flow over rough surfaces Mehrdad | Noei Yazdian

An Extended Assessment of Camber Morphing Analysis for the Derodynamic Performance of the UAS-S45 Airfoil | Musavir Bashir

Effects of Surface Imperfections on the Stability of Boundary Layers | Ming TENG

6B | Topology Optimization

Topology optimization for the design of additively-manufactured cooling channels | Farshad Navah

Efficient heat management via topology optimization: a diffuse and a sharp method | Marc-Etienne Lamarche-Gagnon

Multi-Material Topology Optimization of an eVTOL PAV Wing Considering Additive Manufacturing | Tim Sirola

Topology Optimization for DfAM with Build Area Constraints | Rosalie Morin

6C | Flight Performance

Development of Microgravity Flight Sciences Regime Recognition Software | Marc Alexander

Multiple L-Band LEO Satellites Based Doppler Shift /INS Integrated Navigation System with Flight Test Demonstration | Hamza Benzerrouk

Preparation for and First Flight of the Celera 500 | Bjarni Tryggvason

Aircraft Takeoff Performance | Bjarni Tryggvason

6D | Intelligent Manufacturing

Realtime Unmanned Cyber-Physical System to Improve Productivity, Part Quality and Tool Life in Drilling Processes | Mahmoud Hassan

Closed-Door Metrology in Multi-Axis Machining Center | Rachid Guiassa

3D Perception: The Gateway to Autonomous Robotic Manufacturing | François Simard

Model-based Prediction of Robot’s Behavior in Milling Operations of Aeronautic Parts | Christopher Lapointe

Thursday, June 17

7A | Computational Methods 2

CHAMPS: CHApel Multi-Physics Simulation Software | Frederic Plante

Asynchronous point-block smoothers for computational fluid dynamics on graphics processing units | Siva Nadarajah

Low-Reynolds Number Direct Numerical Simulation of an Iced NLF-0414 Airfoil | Catherine Mavriplis

Towards Detached Eddy Simulation of Massively Separated Flows in High-Lift Configurations | Hong Yang

7B | Applied Aerodynamics

Experimental Study of the Aerodynamic Loads on the Airframe of a Multirotor UAV | Devin Barcelos

CRJ 700 Stall Dynamics Identification using Neural Networks | Yvan Tondji

Extending the Parameters for the Performance Evaluations of Leading Edge Tubercles | Satpreet Sidhu

Unsteady Aerodynamic Performance of a Tethered Autogyro | Aditya Agarwal

7C | Human Factors Considerations in Aviation

Development and Evaluation of Flight Deck using Augmented Reality | Pratik Pradhan

Visualization of Multi-Functional Aircraft Cabin | Aditya Venkatesh

Development of a Real-time Desktop Flight Simulator for Stratospheric Airships | Mohsen Rostami

National Research Council and International Test Pilot School Canada: An Overview of Professional Canadian Rotary-Wing Flight Test Aircrew Training | Marc Alexander

7D | Integrated Air Mobility

Robust Tracking for UAV Using Dempster-Shafer theory based on Continuous-Discrete Gauss Hermite H_infinity filtering under Uncertainties | Abulasad Elgamoudi

Integrated Aerial Mobility Program status update | Charles Vidal

8A | Optimization Methods 2

Toward Aerodynamic Shape Optimization for the Design of Natural-Laminar-Flow Wings | Michael Piotrowski

Adjoint Solver for Large Scale High-Speed Aerodynamics Cases on Multi-Element Unstructured Meshes | Syam Vangara

High-Fidelity Gradient-Free Optimization of Low-Pressure Turbine Cascades | Anthony Aubry

Assessment of Interpolation-based Model-Reduction Approaches for the Transonic Flow Regime | Donovan Blais

8B | Supersonic & Hypersonic Modelling

Finite Element Modeling of Gas-Surface Interactions in Hypersonic Flight | John Huang

Numerical Study of the Transition from Regular to Mach Reflection on Smooth Wedges and Semicircular Cylinders | Marcel Grzeszczyk

Input/Output Analysis of Hypersonic Boundary Layers using the One-Way Navier-Stokes (OWNS) Equations | Omar Kamal

8C | Human & Flight Dynamics

A Historical and Technical Survey of Flight Research of the NRC Bell 206 Research Aircraft | Marc Alexander

Canadian Air Travel during a Pandemic: The Past, Present, and the Future | Paul Lebbin

Multi-phase Trajectory Optimization for Airliners’ Formation Flight Considering TCAS Constraints | Shirin Dolatabadi

Applications of geometric deep learning to flight dynamics modelling | Oreoluwa Ajayi

8D | Modelling & Simulation

Damage Modelling of a Laminated Composite Panel Subjected to Low Velocity Impact | Gang Li

Numerical Simulation of the Thermo-mechanical Behavior of CFRP Composite Laminate Subjected to Laser Paint Removal Process using Varying Beam Profiles | Rahul Shah

Practical Formulation of Kane’s Method for Finite Element Representation of Rigid-Flexible Systems | Alexander Schock

Friday, June 18

9A | Icing & Heat Transfer

Towards a Numerical Model of Ablative Thermal Protection Systems in Hypersonic Vehicles | Guangwei Liu

On the impact of internal heat sources in high-speedvehicles using conjugate heat transfer analysis | Syed Imthiaz Ahamed Syed Abid Hussain

Development of an Aircraft Icing Suite Using Chapel Programming Language | Hélène Papillon Laroche

9B | Additive Manufacturing 3

The effect of crystallographic orientation on the mechanical properties of laser-powder-bed-fusion-processed Hastelloy X | Oscar Sanchez-Mata

High-temperature 3D Printing and Electrolysis of Lunar Regolith: Challenges and Solutions | Antoine Missout

Heat Source Modelling for Multiscale Laser Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing | Yohann Vautrin

Aerostructures Design-to-Additive Manufacturing using Novel Powder-Metal Fabrication Procedure | Nabil Saad

9C | Composites 2

Advanced Composite Forming: An Alternative Forming Technology | Meysam Rahmat

Carbon and boron nitride nanotube composites for structural materials and functional coatings | Yadienka Martinez-Rubi

Integrated Design Optimization Scheme for Fiber Reinforced Additive Manufacturing | Noah Ray

9D | Certification & Validation

On measuring interface loads in structural full scale testing - planning, calibration and data processing | Calista Biondic

Certification by Analysis for Structures | Dany Paraschivoiu

10A | Dynamic Analysis & Testing

Structural dynamics of a tethered kite used for harnessing high-altitude winds | Amar Fayyad Kadavilparambil Akberali

Explicit dynamic modeling of a composite aircraft seat concept subject to dynamic certification tests | Logan Kupchanko

An efficient Bayesian model selection algorithm for a pitching airfoil model undergoing limit cycle oscillations | Brandon Robinson

Piezoelectric (PE) Technology and Multicomponent Force Measurement for Landing Gear Drop Testing | William Zwolinski

10B | 2D Additive Manufacturing 2

Surface post-processing for additive manufactured parts: reducing surface roughness and improving fatigue life with electrospark deposition | Pablo Enrique

Effect of Infill Density on the Mechanical Properties of Additive Manufactured Parts Made from PLA | Hayat El Fazani

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