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  • September 09, 2020 9:47 AM | Todd Legault (Administrator)

    For the first time ever — and as Canada works to reposition itself in the crowded global space race — the federal government has tasked a woman to lead the Canadian Space Agency.

    The Government of Canada announced today that Lisa Campbell will replace Sylvain Laporte as president of the CSA. The news release announcing her appointment noted that new appointments to key agencies and departments "respect the principle of diversity."

    "One thing I have learned through my career is you've got to dream big and you've got to reach for your own stars. So I tried to do that throughout my career," Campbell told CBC News. "I am humbled and honoured by this opportunity."

    Read the full story on CBC News...

  • September 08, 2020 11:38 AM | Todd Legault (Administrator)

    “Proposal for an Operational and Regulatory Framework to Ensure Space Debris Removal”  

    25 September 2020 | 1000-1230hrs (EDT) / 1400-1630hhrs (UTC)

    The webinar, scheduled to be held on September 25, 2020, will discuss key proposals of the McGill IASL-IAASS study on making space debris removal feasible. The study inter alia recommends the establishment of an intergovernmental organization in the lines of the original INTELSAT. 

    Discussion papers Commissioned by IASL and IAASS 

           - Key Elements of the Proposal (Kiran Vazhapully)
           - The INTELSAT Story (Joseph Pelton) 

     Invited Panelists:

    • Donald J. Kessler, Retired Senior Scientist for Orbital Debris Research, NASA
    • Steven Freeland, Professor, Western Sydney University 
    • Ram Jakhu, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, McGill University 
    • Isabelle Rongier, General Inspector, Ariane Group 
    • Tommaso Sgobba, Executive Director, International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety 


    • Lucy Stojak, Director, School on Management of Creativity and Innovation, HEC Montréal 

    To register,  please fill in this webform: https://iaass.wildapricot.org/event-3960461 

     For more information, contact: Kiran Vazhapully

  • September 08, 2020 11:32 AM | Todd Legault (Administrator)

    Join Secure World Foundation on September 9, 10, and 11 for in-depth conversations on trends, opportunities, and challenges for space sustainability in 2020 and beyond. SWF be discussing how to incentivize good behavior in orbit, space forces around the world, cislunar and lunar sustainability, spectrum governance, and space arms control. 

    Register now to be a part of the conversation, and see below for more details.

    • The daily agenda will feature two panel discussions, one keynote, and parallel interactive sessions covering trending topics.
    • Speakers from across the space industry, and the world, are confirmed for exciting contributions to the dialogue. Four unique spotlight talks are already available for viewing.
    • Our sponsors have demonstrated their support, and will be sharing sustainability-focused content in the coming week.
    • All registration fees go to support SWF's young professionals engagement projects including the Student Essay Competition.
    • Free registration for government employees, media, and students.

  • August 19, 2020 2:31 PM | April Duffy (Administrator)

    George "Ray" Gibson
    April 14, 1926 - August 14, 2020

    CASI Associate Fellow Member

    CAHS National and Toronto Chapter member (CAHS # 1220).

    Ray was a founding member of the Toronto Branch of the Canadian Aeronautical Institute (CAI) and which is known to-day as the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute.  He served many years on the Branch's Executive.  

    He worked for Avro Canada from 1953 to 1959 and was in charge of the jet engine tests on the ground prior to the first flight and then in the air of the Pratt and Whitney engines installed in the first five CF-105 Arrow aircraft that Avro built and had test flown.

    Suddenly on August 14, 2020 at his residence, surrounded by his family. Ray has gone to join his beloved wife June of many years. Cherished father of son Glenn Gibson and daughter Cheri Gibson.

    During his youth Ray was a talented pilot and had worked on many aerospace projects. Ray will be missed by his friends and colleagues in The Rotary Club of Bramalea, The Society of Manufacturing Engineers and The Honorable Company of the Freemen of the City of London.

    Donations may be made in memory of Ray to the Health League of Canada. For more information and to sign the guestbook please visit here: https://www.arbormemorial.ca/scott-brampton/obituaries/george-raymond-gibson/54128/Guestbook

  • July 03, 2020 8:39 AM | April Duffy (Administrator)

    Are you a university student and looking for an exciting opportunity to gain hands-on experience outside of the lecture hall? Here is your chance to fly your experiment on a sounding rocket or a stratospheric balloon with the REXUS/BEXUS programme!

    The Call for Proposals for 14th cycle of the Swedish-German REXUS/BEXUS programme is now open until the 14th of October 2020, 23:59 (CEST).

    The REXUS/BEXUS Programme allows students from across ESA member states, Slovenia and Canada to apply for a unique opportunity to fly their experiment to the edge of space on board a sounding rocket (REXUS) or a stratospheric balloon (BEXUS). Every year around 20 teams participate in this exciting programme.


  • May 08, 2020 8:09 AM | Todd Legault (Administrator)

    The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is affecting all segments of the space community. In this weeks SpaceQ podcast, Marc Boucher speaks with Geoff Languedoc from CASI.

    With the COVID-19 virus becoming a global pandemic I wanted to talk to people within the space community about how their organizations are coping, and also get a little personal and talk about life at home. This is the second interview in this feature.

    Geoff Languedoc is the Executive Director of the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute. CASI as it’s known, is a not-for-profit scientific and technical organization that traces its roots back to 1954. It became the formal organization it is today in 1962 with the merger of the Toronto based Canadian Astronautical Society and the Montreal-based Astronautical Society of Canada. This put the organization squarely at the forefront of the new space age. Today the organization serves a diverse membership across Canada and hosts some important annual conferences that brings the community together.

    Listen to the SpaceQ Podcast

  • April 24, 2020 8:06 AM | April Duffy (Administrator)

    H. Clare Eatock
    May 15, 1927 - April 21, 2020

    Charter Member of CASI (1954), Fellow (1975), Chair of Montreal Branch in 1974-5, CASI President in 1990-91.

    Henry Clare Eatock (Clare) was the beloved husband of Ruth, née Purdon; father of Brian Clare Eatock (Judy Keays), Ruth Anne Eatock (John Maunsell), and Lori Jane Forester (Gord Forfar); and grandfather of Alex and Ben Forester and Helen and James Maunsell.

    Clare studied aeronautical engineering at the University of Toronto (class of 1948) and moved into a long and fulfilling career in gas turbine engine research, design and management at A.V. Roe and Orenda Engines (1948-1968) and Pratt and Whitney Canada (1968-1994). Clare’s love of work and sense of his own good fortune imbued his life with optimism. Please visit here to read more, make a donation and share a memory with his family.

  • April 20, 2020 2:18 PM | April Duffy (Administrator)

    Major General DW (Bill) Goss, CD, P Eng, Fellow of CASI  June 18, 1922 - April 11, 2020 

    He served for 36 years in the RCAF and Canadian Forces, and was a wartime flying instructor and Mosquito pilot. Post war, he was an engineer and project manager for the Velvet  Glove air to air missile, the Arrow, the BOMARC, and the CF-104 programs, followed by many senior appointments.

    He retired from the Canadian Forces in 1976 to become a successful businessman, from which he retired in 2002 at age 80. Please visit here for more and to sign the guestbook.

  • April 09, 2020 10:23 AM | Todd Legault (Administrator)


    Aerospace Tech Week 2020 was prevented from happening, due to the Coronovirus outbreak, and we are delighted to announce new dates for the next event of 24th-25th March 2021 - ensure you save the dates in your diary for the premier exhibition and conference for the aerospace technology community.

    In the meantime we are delighted to be able to offer you a series of short Free to Attend Training Webinars delivered by AFuzion. These One-Hour Webinars will provide an introduction to key areas and help you better understand developing regulations and compliance requirements.

    More details and to register visit www.aerospacetechweek.com/webinars


    Tuesday 5th May
    10am(EST) / 3pm(UK) / 4pm(CET)

    Optimizing Avionics Software Development/Certification per DO-178C

    Monday 25th May
    10am(EST) / 3pm(UK) / 4pm(CET)

    Understanding Aviation Cyber-Security
    per DO-326A / ED-202A Set

    Thursday 11th June
    10am(EST) / 3pm(UK) / 4pm(CET)

    Applying Model Based Development (MBD) per DO-331

    Thursday 25th June
    10am(EST) / 3pm(UK) / 4pm(CET)

    Best Practices for Aircraft/Avionics System Development per ARP4754A


  • March 16, 2020 9:15 AM | Todd Legault (Administrator)

    (English follows)

    Avec les thèses et les postdoctorats du CNES : inventons l’espace du futur!

     Chaque année, le CNES accorde une centaine d’allocations de recherche (thèses et postdoctorats) à des étudiants français et étrangers, dans les domaines des :

    • Sciences pour l’ingénieur (systèmes orbitaux, systèmes de transport spatial) ;
    • Sciences utilisatrices des moyens spatiaux (sciences de l’univers, sciences de la Terre, sciences en micropesanteur) ; et
    • Sciences humaines et sociales (juridique, histoire, économie, sociologie, psychologie, etc.).

    Il contribue ainsi, de façon très significative, à l’effort de formation par la recherche, des ingénieurs et des chercheurs qui inventeront les systèmes spatiaux du futur.

    L'appel à candidatures du CNES est maintenant ouvert. Toutes les offres de thèses et postdoctorats sont disponibles sur le site Web du CNES à cette adresse. Vous y trouverez la liste des sujets de thèses susceptibles d’être cofinancés, les conditions et modalités de candidature ainsi que les coordonnées de vos interlocuteurs CNES.

    La date de limite de réception des candidatures est fixée au 31 mars 2020 à minuit (CEST).

    Nous vous invitons à relayer ce message auprès des personnes de votre entourage qui pourraient être intéressées.

    With CNES theses and postdoctorates: let's invent the space of the future!

    Each year, CNES awards approximately one hundred research grants (theses and post-doctorates) to French and foreign students, in the fields of:

    • Engineering sciences (orbital systems, space transport systems);
    • Sciences using space resources (universe sciences, Earth sciences, microgravity sciences); and,
    • Human and social sciences (legal, history, economics, sociology, psychology, etc.).

    This initiative contributes, in a very significant way, to the research training of engineers and researchers who will invent the space systems of the future.

    CNES’s call for applications is now open. All thesis and post-doctorate offers are available on the CNES website at this address. Here you will find the list of thesis subjects likely to be co-funded, the conditions of the application, and CNES points of contact.

    The deadline for submitting an application is March 31, 2020, at midnight (CEST).

    We invite you to relay this message to people in your network who may be interested.

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