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Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute

Institut aéronautique et spatial du Canada

Ottawa Branch

The mission of the Ottawa Branch is to support local CASI members in their professional career development through monthly events, resources and educational tools. The Branch contributes to national activities like inter-branch initiatives, section development, mentoring and professional development. Close associations are maintained with academic institutions in Ottawa and the Branch likes to organize site visits at various facilities in the NCR. We give priority access to CASI members for these tours where we get to meet interesting people but still provide a good talk to the general public who are welcome to join us – but encouraged to join CASI!

Any members of the Canadian aerospace community willing to participate can contact the branch co-chairs listed below.

The Ottawa Branch Workspace is open to any Member of CASI.

Branch Executive

Position Incumbent Organisation
Branch Chairs

Jeff Bird

Omer Majeed


MDS Aero Support

Secretary/Treasurer Jim Thompson Davis Engineering
Chair Emeritus Paul Penna Retired – NRC Aerodynamics Lab
Branch Councillor Jeff Bird TECnos
Branch Executive Members Prof. Catherine Mavriplis Ottawa University
  Prof. Jeremy Laliberté

Carleton University

  Steve Hall Celeris
  Pervez Canteenwalla

NRC Gas Turbine

Each year an executive member of the Carleton Mechanical and Aeronautical Society (CMAS) is invited to serve on the executive.

Thanks to recent members who have served with distinction and moved on: Shaun Horning, Nezih Mrad and David Zimcik.

Upcoming events

Stay tuned for upcoming events!

Past events

May 03, 2023 CASI Ottawa | "Once There Was An Arrow" with Walter Gordon
March 01, 2023 CASI Ottawa | Testbed 80 Story with MDS
January 26, 2023 CASI Ottawa | CASI President’s Talk 2023 with Col. Allen Conrad
November 23, 2022 CASI Ottawa | Low Visibility Landings and Take-Offs plus Lab Tour
October 17, 2022 CASI Ottawa | Hybrid Electric Aircraft Testbed (HEAT) Presentation and Tour
October 01, 2022 CASI Ottawa | FlyDay 2022 | High-Performance, Radio-Controlled Model Gliders
May 30, 2022 CASI Ottawa | Lunch and Learn | The Role of Canadian Space Technology in Enabling Global Transparency in Methane Emissions
April 27, 2022 CASI Ottawa | NRC Low Emission Aviation Program (LEAP) – Accelerating the Transition to a Net-Zero Future
February 24, 2022 CASI Ottawa | The Canadian Contribution to the Webb Space Telescope: The first 25 years
January 27, 2022 CASI Ottawa Branch | Duke of Edinburgh Sustainability Lecture
September 29, 2021 CASI Ottawa Branch | Adopting AR - Augmented Reality for Advanced Composite Structures Repair & Training
June 01, 2021 CASI Ottawa Branch | A Canadian's Journey to a Career in Space with Kelsey Doerksen
May 11, 2021 CASI Ottawa Branch | Creating a Resilient Sustainability Strategy: The Pratt & Whitney Story with Avrum Goldman
March 04, 2021 CASI Ottawa Branch | Civil Propulsion - The Last 70 Years with Prof. Emeritus Herb Saravanamuttoo
February 23, 2021 CASI Ottawa Branch | Sixty Years of Clean Energy from Thin Air with Manfred Klein
January 28, 2021 CASI Ottawa Branch | Lunch and Learn Presentation with Dr. Azzedine Dadouche
September 24, 2020 CASI Ottawa Branch | Evening Hors d’oeuvres Virtual Meeting/Discussion with Robert Mather
June 04, 2020 CASI Ottawa Branch | Aeronautical Designs Through Experimentation with Robert Mather
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