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Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute

Institut aéronautique et spatial du Canada

CASI Ottawa | FlyDay 2022 | High-Performance, Radio-Controlled Model Gliders

  • October 01, 2022
  • 15:00 - 18:00
  • 1675 Phelan Road East (field) near Roger Stevens Drive and Hwy 416
  • 295


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CASI Ottawa Branch

 FlyDay 2022: High-Performance, Radio-Controlled Model Gliders

Outdoor event with treats!

Families and children welcome

October 1, 2022 | Meet and Greet 3:00 PM

Hosted with Paul Penna, Wilton Ievers and Members of the Phelan Remote Control Flying Club Jean Dorais of the Ottawa Glider RC Club

Meet and Greet | 3:00 PM

Light dinner provided | 3:15 PM

Presentation begins | 3:30 PM

Located at 1675 Phelan Road East (field) near Roger Stevens Drive and Hwy 416. Map available at Phelan Flyers


Paul and the club welcome us back from our last visit in 2016. Take a pleasant evening drive in the country where the Phelan RC Flying Club flies radio-controlled (RC) motor-gliders. Low-cost, Lithium-Polymer batteries have made it possible to launch an RC glider to 200 meters altitude using a brushless electric motor driving a folding propeller. The low weight of these propulsion systems imposes only a small increase in the power-off, sink-rate of such models compared to an unpowered, “winch-launched” version. As a result, the long-established winch launch method of getting model gliders to a decent altitude is rarely used by RC gliding enthusiasts.

This month, our Branch Meeting will be outdoors at Phelan’s Lou MacDonald field and will consist of a short “show and tell” explaining the technology used by these models, with attendees gathered around our presenter who will have a number of these models on hand for display. Then it will be time to see some powered launches and some soaring flight. Typical wing spans are 2 to 4 meters, so it is quite impressive to see such a model reach 200 meters altitude in just under 30 seconds. Depending on the thermal activity that afternoon, the presenter and his Club colleagues may be able to demonstrate altitude gain using natural updrafts in the lower atmosphere. Finally, impressive glide-path control using flaps, flaperons and spoilers will be demonstrated during the approaches to the landings.

Wear comfortable shoes, some seating is available (bring a folding chair if you prefer). Insect repellent may also be a good idea since this meeting is being held outdoors.

Phelan RC club always welcomes new members: Phelan Flyers

Ottawa Gliders RC Club also welcomes new members: Ottawa Glider Guiders RC Club 

RSVP with numbers in your group to Jeff Bird: jeffbird99@gmail.com

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