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CASI ASTRO 2022 Online Content

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CSA Directors General Panel - Space Exploration, Science & Technology, Utilisation, Astronauts, Policy | PDF Presentation Deck

David Haight - Director Economic Analysis, International and Regulatory Affairs | Eric Laliberté - Director General Space Utilisation | Isabelle Tremblay - Director Astronauts, Life Sciences and Space Medecine | Eric Vachon - Director General Space Science and Technologies

Artificial Intelligence in Space: Benefits and Clallenges | Video

Philip Ferguson (Moderator), University of Manitoba | Andrew Macdonald, Mission Control | Kelsey Doerksen, University of Oxford | Paul Grouchy, MDA


Department of National Defence in Space | Video Pending

Col. Catherine Marchetti, National Defence

Commissioning and First Results of JWST's FGS/NIRISS | Video Pending

Neil Rowlands, Honeywell Aerospace | René Doyon, Université de Montréal

Turnbull Lecture | Video Pending

Gilles Leclerc, Director General Space Exploration, CSA

Technical Sessions

Tues 1 Nov  | 10:15-11:45    
Technical Session 1A Technical Session 1B Technical Session 1C
Earth Observation Space Business & Policy Space Object Tracking 1
1A-01 1B-01 1C-01
Airbus next generation spaceborne radar technologies and techniques Global space exploration - An economic and strategic assessment of the space exploration sector Image classification for detection of resident space objects streaks
Jung-Hyo Kim Miguel Ouellette Andrea Vallecillo Baires
Airbus Defence and Space  Euroconsult York University
1A-02 1B-02 1C-02
Terrestrial Snow Mass Mission – Key features of the Phase 0 concept End to end data security and provisioning for Big Data Application of AstroPy’s PhotUtils Package for Automated Photometry
Geoff Burbidge Michael Henschel Michael Stewart
Airbus Defence and Space  C-CORE Defence Research & Development Canada
1A-03 1B-03 1C-03
Airbus spaceborne radar heritage and future perspectives Re-useable rocket boosters – Does it really work? Space-based space surveillance (SBSS) payload demonstration onboard stratospheric balloons
Geoff Burbidge Richard McCammon Perushan Kunalakantha
Airbus Defence and Space  C6 Launch Systems York University
1A-04 1B-04
Low-cost IoT communication in the Arctic region: Using the SWARM satellite constellation for remote community connectivity Intellectual property (IP) awareness for space SMEs  
Anastasiya Yermolenko Oleh Tanchak  
University of Manitoba Canadian Space Agency  
Use of SkyForest SkyForestTM DTM and TanDEM-X DEM 2020 for forest canopy height estimation    
Phil Green    
First Resource Management Group     

Tues 1 Nov  | 14:00-15:30    
Technical Session 2A Technical Session 2B Technical Session 2C
Missions Payloads & Sensors 1 Space Object Tracking 2
2A-01 2B-01 2C-01
Radarsat-2 system status OA-ICOS methane spectrometer capable of characterizing methane sources in a Mars analogue environ-ment in the high Canadian Arctic Achieving SSA through comprehensive data gathering, curation and fusion
Neil Gibb Alex Innanen Daniel Oltrogge
MDA York University COMSPOC
2A-02 2B-02 2C-02
A survey of international space programs incorporating mission phase exploration of the surface of celestial bodies via direct contact using manned or unmanned systems  Spaceborne global navigation satellite system (GNSS)-reflectometry soil moisture retrieval using a physics-informed neural network approach Spacecraft resident space object close-loop tracking
Marc Alexander Narin Gavilikilane Warren Soh
National Research Council Canada York University York University
2A-03 2B-03 2C-03
WildFireSat: The Canadian operational mission CSA CubeSat Initiative: QMSat’s 2U Satellite Payload  Deployment System Assessing resident space objects (RSO) stability using light curves
Denis Dufour Samuel Quenneville  Randa Qashoa
Canadian Space Agency Université de Sherbrooke York University
2A-04 2B-04 2C-04
The RADARSAT Constellation Mission  CSA CubeSat Initiative: QMSat in space demonstration of quantum magnetometer technology Improving satellite streak detection methods for astrometric image processing in Python
Daniel De Lisle Samuel Quenneville  Shane Ryall
Canadian Space Agency Université de Sherbrooke Defence Research & Development Canada
The mission portfolio of CSA’s Sun-Earth System Sciences Program    
Helena van Mierlo    
Canadian Space Agency    

Wed 2 Nov  | 10:15-11:45    
Technical Session 3A Technical Session 3B Technical Session 3C
Satellite Operations In Situ Resource Utilisation 1 Rover Technologies 1
3A-01 3B-01 3C-01
An artificial intelligence framework for space operations data and model management Investigation of metal extraction from lunar regolith  Parabolic flights with a single-wheel testbed to study rover wheel-soil interactions in lunar gravity and LMS-1
Michele Faragalli Anqi Wang George Butt
Mission Control Space Services University of Waterloo Concordia University
3A-02 3B-02 3C-02
Evolution of the RADARSAT-2 ordering and planning systems Space resources: A bold vision & generational opportunity for Canada A.S.T.R.E.L.A.B. (Applications of Single-wheel Testbed for Rover Exploration with a Linear Actuator Box)
Logan Pryor Richard Boudreault Matthew Nutbean
MDA Canadian Space Mining Corporation University of Manitoba
3A-03 3B-03 3C-03
The NEOSSat Constraint Checker (NCC): Maximizing imaging opportunities while maintaining the health and safety of the spacecraft The purpose for in-situ resources utilisation in lunar and planetary exploration: Can we afford not to include geophysics sensors anymore? Thermal and vibrational analyses of a composite sandwich structure for a lunar rover
Matthew Bourassa Richard Boudreault David Lessard
Calian Advanced Technologies Canadian Space Mining Corporation École Polytechnique de Montréal
3A-04 3B-04 3C-04
The design and integration of SpudNik-1:  A 2U CubeSat for precision agriculture in Prince Edward Island Mining and Metallurgical operations for the extraction of Oxygen and Metals on the Moon Damping optimization for a 3D printed thermoplastic lunar rover structure
Grant McSorley Richard Boudreault Adam McKenzie
University of Prince Edward Island Canadian Space Mining Corporation Queen's University
3A-05 3C-05
Development of a ground station for communication with the SpudNik-1 imaging CubeSat   Novel attachment system for lunar rovers to their launch vehicles
Travis Speelman   Feng Yang Chen
University of Prince Edward Island   Canadian Space Agency

Wed 2 Nov  | 14:00-15:30    
Technical Session 4A Technical Session 4B Technical Session 4C
Payloads & Sensors 2 Assembly, Integration & Test Rover Technologies 2
4A-01 4B-01 4C-01
Stratospheric balloon demonstration of the AOM mission imaging spectrometer The keys to efficient and accurate random base excitation simulation Thermal sizing of a lunar rover using Simcenter 3d
Frédéric Grandmont  Philippe Tremblay  Ryan Majkut
ABB MAYA Heat Transfer Technologies MAYA Heat Transfer Technologies
4A-02 4B-02 4C-02
Development and performance evaluation of a high-resolution imaging system for a 2U CubeSat satellite Investigation of force limited vibration using Quicksat satellite and four test items  3D Printing of a lightweight sandwich panel for a lunar rover’s frame
Nicholas Krouglicof Yvan Soucy Olivier Duchesne
University of Prince Edward Island Canadian Space Agency École Polytechnique de Montréal
4A-03 4B-03 4C-03
MAGE: The science case for high frequency methane measurements on the surface of Mars Analysis of mission profiles of microgravity flight sciences research aircraft Developing an affordable, mechanically similar Martian regolith simulant
John Moores Marc Alexander Josephine Zhao
York University National Research Council Canada University of Manitoba
4A-04 4B-04 4C-04
A precision calibration transponder for the Biomass Mission Usage of piezoelectric (PE) technology and multicomponent force measurement on rocket testing Slanted-Grouser wheels for low mass skid-steer lunar rovers
Michael Henschel Bill Zwolinski Krzysztof Skonieczny 
C-Core Kistler Instrument Corp. Concordia University

Wed 2 Nov | 15:45-17:15    
Technical Session 5A Technical Session 5B Technical Session 5C
Payloads & Sensors 3 Guidance, Navigation & Control 1 Advanced Manufacturing
5A-01 5B-01 5C-01
Design and characterization of a global navigation satellite system-reflectometry (GNSS-R) UAV-based payload for soil moisture monitoring Development and testing of a low-cost GPS RFI emulation system 3D Printed BIU satellite antenna
Sogand Talebi Kenneth Johnston Alpha D.S. Ross
5A-02 5B-02 5C-02
MAPLE, a simple optical meteorological station for mars Effect of different collision avoidance constraints on optimal ∆v requirement OneWeb heat pipes: A success story: Industrializing heat pipes production for constellations & NewSpace markets
Charissa Campbell Shrouti Dutta Mathieu Lecleir
York University McGill University Euro Heat Pipes S.A.
5A-03 5B-03 5C-03
The Canadian technology behind NASA’s Roman Telescope exo-planet camera Multi-constellation and multi-frequency GNSS signal acquisition algorithm for real-time FPGA implementation for soil moisture monitoring payload Irradiation effects on boron nitride nanotubes and related polymer nanocomposites
Frédéric Grandmont Shamil Samigulin Benham Ashrafi
ABB York University NRC

  Liquid-solid interface and penetration of organic resin binder and iron alloy powder for the use of binder jetting additive manufacturing in microgravity
  Kinston Wong

  University of Alberta
    Toward mobile 3D printing of lunar regolith through simultaneous localization and additive manufacturing
    Mohammad Azami
    Concordia University

Thurs 3 Nov | 10:15-11:45    
Technical Session 6A Technical Session 6B
Satellite Technology Development Guidance, Navigation & Control 2  
6A-01 6B-01
Neural network based star identification using a dual-purpose star tracker Detecting geostationary satellite docking maneuvers using photometric light curves  
Gabriel Chianelli Jack Wawrow  
York University York University  
6A-02 6B-02
Single event performance of radiation hardened flip-flops at 22-nm FDSOI technology node Design of a vectored electrospray thruster for nanosatellites  
Chen Li Ivan Savytskyy  
University of Saskatchewan Royal Military College  
6A-03 6B-03
Developing a new metric for the MMOD bumper performance Advanced global navigation satellite system signal acquisition for GNSS-reflectometry receiver design  
Majid Fazlollahi John Bagshaw  
University of Manitoba York University  
6A-04 6B-04
Numerical modelling of the hypervelocity impact on sandwich panel with corrugated core  Experimental characterization of a cylindrical 10mm Hall thruster using krypton  
Tanvir Howlader Felix Chan-Ying  
University of Manitoba Royal Military College  

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