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Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute

Institut aéronautique et spatial du Canada

Council & Committees


Dr. Harry Kowal, MCASI
Royal Military College of Canada
 Vice President
Mr. Alan Conrad, AFCASI

Past President

Dr. Jacques Giroux, MCASI 

ABB Inc.
 Executive Director
Mr. Geoffrey Languedoc, AFCASI
Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute
 Branch  Councillor
Ottawa Mr. Jeff Bird, MCASI
Montréal Mr. Ali Khalili, MCASI
Toronto Mr. Alex Tsoulis, MCASI
Western Canada RegionMr. Sandy McLeod, MCASI
Student Branches

Dr. Paul Walsh, MCASI

 Sections  Chair 

Mr. François Bisson, MCASI

Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies

Mr. Bruno Monsarrat, MCASI

Aerospace Structures & Materials TBA
Aircraft Design & Development Dr. Ruxandra Botez, MCASI
Flight Test & Flight Operations Mr. Malcolm Imray, MCAS
Human Factors

Dr. Philippe Doyon-Poulin, MCASI


Mr. James Crone, MCASI

 Journal Editors  Incumbent
Canadian Aeronautics and Space Journal (CASJ) Mr. Philip Ferguson, Editor-in-Chief
Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing (CJRS) Dr. Monique Bernier, Editor-in-Chief

 Corporate Councillors / Councillors-at-large  Incumbent
Bombardier AerospaceMr. Enguerran Michel
Canadian Forces – Air Force

LCol Catherine Marchetti, MCASI

Concordia University Dr. Catherine Marsden, MCASI
Pratt & Whitney CanadaMr. James Crone, MCASI
Royal Military College of CanadaDr. Harry Kowal, MCASI 
Councillor-at-large (2018-21)Mr. Mario Lagrange, AFCASI
Councillor-at-large (2018-21) Dr. Alex Jablonski, AFCASI
Councillor-at-large (2019-22)

Mr. Allen Conrad, MCASI

Councillor-at-large (2019-22)


Councillor-at-large (2020-23) Mr. Sandy McLeod, MCASI
Councillor-at-large (2020-23) Mr. Ron Holdway, MCASI

Chair - President

Dr. Jacques Giroux, MCASI

Chair Mr. David Muir, FCASI

 Senior Awards  
ChairAllen Conrad, AFCASI

Chair Mr. Ron Holdway, MCASI

 Strategic Planning  
Mr. Allen Conrad, MCASI

 Student Activities  
Chair Dr. Paul Walsh, MCASI

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