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Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute

Institut aéronautique et spatial du Canada

CASI is Canada’s preeminent aerospace association. As a membership-based organization we are committed to meeting the needs of our members – individual and corporate – with all the resources at our disposal.

The shutdown of nearly every aspect of activity in Canadian society has hit aerospace particularly hard. The dramatic slowdown in the sector has resulted in a significant number of employee layoffs – some hopefully will be temporary, others unfortunately are likely to be permanent.

Listen to the SpaceQ podcast on how CASI is adapting in the times of COVID-19.

We would like to draw your attention to several ways that CASI can assist our Members and Corporate Partners to weather this painful period:

  • If you are an individual CASI Member or an employee of a CASI Corporate Partner, and you are seeking employment, we invite you to post your resume on our secure Members Only Employment Candidates website. While many organizations in the sector are downsizing, there are others who are either actively hiring or preparing to do so. We will do everything we can to alert the Canadian aerospace community to your skills, interests and availability.
  • Our Corporate Partners have communications that need to get the widest possible distribution. Please contact CASI if you would like to take advantage of our reach in getting your message out.
  • CASI Members also have access to CASI Connect. This is a benefit of membership that brings together young people active in aerospace who have a specific technical question or challenge, with experienced professional volunteers whose background and skill sets may provide an answer.
  • CASI recently has implemented a business-level version of ZOOM Videoconferenceing. During this time when we cannot meet face-to-face, we can still bring people together to share a common interest. CASI is currently shaping a series of one- to two-hour programs that will be free for CASI Members to attend. These programs will be offered for sponsorship preferentially to our Corporate Partners. The urgent issue of employment will be addressed in an early broadcast that will cover federal, provincial and regional support for Canadians who are out of work. As well there may be employment opportunities to include.
  • We have also recently added a new feature to our Conference & Events menu called Virtual Events, which includes CASI Live where we will be scheduling Live Videoconferencing for Branch Meetings and other events, as well as CASI Podcasts which will feature prerecorded events so that members can keep informed of how we continue to serve.

We urge you to contact us with any other ways that you think we can help.

Sincere regards,

Geoffrey Languedoc CAE

Executive Director/Directeur exécutif

Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute/Institut aéronautique et spatial du Canada

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