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Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute

Institut aƩronautique et spatial du Canada

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You can visit CASI's Facebook feed, Twitter account, LinkedIn or YouTube Channel by clicking any of the social media buttons listed at the bottom of each page. For more details on how to follow our feeds or to ask for assistance, click here.

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Managing your Member profile and communicating with other CASI Members is easier than ever!

Logon to your CASI Member account and choose what other Members are able to see about you, manage your privacy settings, email and other subscriptions, event registrations, and view your invoices and payments. You can also upload an avatar to show other Members who you are or what you're about, choose to affiliate yourself with a CASI Branch or CASI Section  (to receive tailored correspondence and Event Notices) and choose whether or not you wish to participate in the Member Spotlight program which displays the information you have chosen to share with other CASI Members on the Directory page.

For ease-of-access, we have incorporated optional Google+ and Facebook logon to streamline your visit and make staying connected more integrated.

Once you have logged-on as a Member, please revisit the Members Only menu to see your exclusive Member Options.

We recommend that you watch your email for important notices about your CASI Membership and/or Event Registration correspondence.

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This site offers a System Messages tool which will alert you (via email) to private messages from other CASI Members. You may also see messages about outstanding issues related to your CASI Membership or Conference Registration on your screen when logged on as a Member.

The Members Only Menu


  • Search for another CASI Member by any keyword
  • Private Message other Members
  • Control what information others see about you in the directory

Important Documents

  • Stay in-the-loop with access to Important Documents such as CASI MOU's, Council Meeting Minutes, Annual Reports to Members, etc.

Member Forums

  • Post a discussion thread, reply to threads, share ideas and documents with other Members in either the Professional Forum or the Social Forum under the topic of your choice.


  • If you are a Member of a CASI Committee, you will automatically have access to the Workspace assigned to that Committee.


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