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Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute

Institut aéronautique et spatial du Canada

CASI Ottawa Branch February Meeting Slides Now Available

  • April 22, 2020
  • May 20, 2020

Designing for End Users: Perspectives from Air Accident Case Studies Talk - Slides Now Available
Speaker: Helen Tsai 
Specialist/Senior Investigator - Engineering/Air, Transportation Safety Board of Canada

February 11th , 2020 Meeting

Throughout the years, many technological improvements have been made to increase safety in high-risk industries. In particular, many high profile air accidents have led to improvements in aircraft standards, aerodrome standards, and maintenance program requirements, to name a few. However, as technology progresses, it is easy to forget the well-hidden error made by the designer. Through some case studies, Helen\s talk explored how designers can help users make the right decision when things don’t go as planned.

The link above are the slides in PowerPoint format, but if you do not have PowerPoint you can use a free Office-like application, which has a ppt viewer such as: https://www.libreoffice.org or https://www.wps.com/presentation

Here are the slides in PDF Format as well.

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